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Available at

Cynon Valley Museum

Depot Road

Aberdare CF44 8DL

Opening hours:

Tuesday - Saturday, 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

 'Dewydd and Terrwyn' tells the story of 2 baby Welsh dragons through 25 colourful illustrations (52 pages in total). 


Follow Dewydd and Terrwyn from the time they hatch, to learning to do dragon things like roar and fly, attending dragon school and having fun with their keepers, Brenna and Efa.


The illustrations are accompanied by rhyming couplets (also my work).


The books are printed by my usual environmentally aware company (see 'Print & Packaging Info')


The books are A5 size, 170gsm ‘Satin’ paper stock. 


 There will also be Dewydd & Terrwyn merchandise available directly from T-Shirt Studio (mugs) and RedBubble (double sided canvas tote bags).

The Little Book of Welsh Stuff’ features my interpretations of characters or scenes from mythology and folklore (60 pages in total). Each illustration is accompanied by a synopsis of the story/character in my own words.


This would be a great starter book for any age group who want a general introduction into some of our Welsh mythology characters as well as a few folklore stories and even a few historical figures.  These are interspersed with several of my dragon artworks ... well we can't have a 'Welsh stuff' book without dragons, can we?

Below are some snapshots of a handful of pages.

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