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Below is a variety of art ranging from traditional to pretty and to the more edgy such as the tattoo collection as featured on cushions.

  • Cream coloured cushion

  • 100% Polyester

  • Full width zipped enclosure

  • Microfibre cushion inner included

  • High durability machine washable cover

  • Size 42cm * 45cm


N.B. The artwork is on one side only (hence the price)

The cushions are not full bleed, which means the artwork is not distorted or cropped as it would be on a full bleed cushion.

I have bought many cushions  from T-Shirt Studio as gifts for my charity work with children with cancer, and so can confirm they are very good quality cushions.


Floral Cluster - Red cushion.jpg

Floral Cluster designs also available on mugs.

Floral Cluster - blue cushion.jpg
Floral Cluster - gold cushion.jpg
Tattoo 1.jpg
Tattoo 2.jpg
Tattoo 3.jpg
Tattoo 4.jpg
Steampunk 1.jpg
Steampunk no.2.jpg
Among the Daisies.jpg
Sunshine Smile.jpg

Available on mugs.

Sexy Witch.jpg
Saucy Devil.jpg
Tattooed Female Guitarist.jpg
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