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2021 Plans

I've been working hard on ideas I've got for some new products in 2021.

The first is a series of Gothic artworks specifically for tote bags. The tote bags are sold via Redbubble and I received a bag today which I ordered to sample the quality of the bag, printing, etc. If I put my artwork onto a 'print on demand' site then I like to sample the goods myself to know they are quality products.

I am very pleased with the Redbubble tote bag. I ordered a 'small' (33 x 33 cm) which is high enough to hold my A4 file. The fabric is good quality, the printing very close to the original artwork, and the handles are long enough to go over the shoulder and are sewn in between the outer material and the lining of the bag, which is black. The artwork is on both sides.

The small is £13.56;

Medium (41 x 41cm) £14.37;

Large (46 x 46xm) £16.02.

I've currently got 5 completed artworks and am working on another 3. Below is 'Isabella'.

The Gothic tote bags will be available in my Redbubble shop in the New Year.

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