I'm Jayne, a digital artist, music promoter and childhood cancer awareness advocate in South Wales.


I have always been creative and as a child was always making things, and my parents' house still contains various framed artworks of mine (pressed flower art, paper cut art, etc).  As an adult I enjoyed doing charcoal portraits but, due to pain/finger numbness caused by my osteoarthritis, holding the charcoal sticks for any length of time has become more and more uncomfortable.


I looked for other ways to be creative and taught myself how to use 3d software through trial and error.  When digital art came into my life it meant that I could still be creative but without as much physical discomfort as I use my laptop and mouse to do my art.  With my various health issues my art gives me a positive focus, and with digital art my imagination knows no bounds.


I've always also loved fantasy/escapism/the supernatural and that love shows in my artwork which predominantly features vampires, witches, mermaids and fairies.   My other loves music (I learned to read and write music, and play the piano, at age 6) and nature also play a big part in my artwork.

For products, such as with Redbubble, I create more commercial art, retro figures, rock chick fashion such as my footwear collection, etc.  All colourful and fun.


Other Interests:


Apart from doing my art, I run one of the largest (possibly the largest) independent music showcase websites in Wales (Paradiddles Plectrums and Posers) If you search 'unsigned guitar bands' on Google, PP&P comes out top of the results and it comes out on the first page of results with the less specific search 'unsigned bands' despite having no sponsors or adverts, PP&P is a labour of love for me and I make no money from it.  


I'm an advocate for childhood cancer awareness and have a website, Heart of Gold, in the name of which, apart from sharing children's stories and fundraising links, etc, I design personalised cushions for young children with cancer and bereaved parents.  I thought of doing cushions after seeing a photograph of two little sisters (both of whom had cancer) who had not seen each other for three weeks while one was in hospital.  Cushions are something you can cuddle (or as we in Wales say ‘cwtch’) and so can be cuddled in the absence of the loved one whose photo is on the cushion. That was my initial idea.  Now they also bring comfort to bereaved parents. I've had a few mothers tell me it made them smile, and if you can make someone smile in such heartbreaking circumstances for even a few minutes, then that's just priceless.  You can see the cushions I have done so far, with some of the children, on the 'Charity Artwork' page.


I enjoy taking photographs with my Canon PowerShot of nature and scenery, and since doing my fantasy art I see things from a different perspective.  I use some of my photographs as backgrounds for my 3d figures as you can see on my 'Portfolio - Mixed Media' page.


My other loves are animals and the sea.   I have rescued many cats and dogs over the past 20+ years, re-homing some and keeping others myself, and currently have 3 rescued cats and sponsor a dog with The Dogs Trust, which I have done since 2000.  

About Me

Some of my charcoal portraits.

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