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The Welsh Witch

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Witches are often portrayed as old crones with bad intentions, but there are plenty of good witches too! There was Glinda in The Wizard of Oz, Samantha in Bewitched, Sabrina the Teenage Witch and, as for the sisters in Charmed well look what they did for the greater good ... and now there’s Willow the Welsh witch.  


Willow is young, sassy and fun and has a kind heart. She is all about respect: respect for other living things and the planet.  


I called her Willow after my favourite tree, the Weeping Willow.  I  love the strength of spirit of the willow, as it can take root anywhere, in any conditions.


Along with witches and dragons, the willow tree,  also known as ‘The Tree of Enchantment’, features greatly in Celtic folklore and tradition.   For example, one Celtic belief was that if a white willow sapling was planted above a grave the spirit would be able to rise up through the fast growing branches to reach immortality.  


A few of Willow's pieces are shown below.


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Hello I'm Willow

Y Wrach Gymreig

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