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By Jayne K., Nov 19 2019 11:39PM

Working long hours on getting together a set of greeting cards. Of course my cards feature my usual vampires, witches, dragons and fairies.

I have Valentine, birthday and Christmas (for next year) cards, as well as a Bon Voyage and a non-specific card which could cover a number of occasions.

I'm hoping I'll have finished them in about a week and then I can send the artwork for printing.

I will of course take photos of them once I get them.

On the subject of cards, I have had a number of people telling me that I need to get my cards/prints into shops. I've been told that people will "love" them and that they'll "fly off the shelves" ... wouldn't that be great? Something I am definitely going to try to achieve in the New Year, which of course is only about 6 weeks away!

By Jayne K., Nov 9 2019 08:39PM

I have personal (family) reasons for wearing my poppy and I have created my own art piece tribute for Armistice Day (11th November) and Remembrance Sunday (the second Sunday in November, which is the 10th this year).

I’ve done a very strong red, white and blue colouring and included the British Services badge representing the R.A.F., Royal Navy and British Army. I’ve put a bright light emanating from the badge portraying the souls of those lost in conflicts shining down on those they have protected/lost their lives for.

Lest We Forget.

By Jayne K., Nov 9 2019 08:35PM

I collected these two tote bags from a local printer earlier this week.

The printer uses eco friendly ink, and organic/vegan products. As I prefer, this is a small family business.

I chose to have one extremely colourful piece done and one basically black and white (other than her red lips and nails). One is a regular size and shape tote and the other is a larger (wider) bag.

I'm very pleased with how the printing has come out.

I am now happy that I have found the printers I need for my chosen products (mugs, mousemats, cushions, greeting cards, tote bags and A5/A4 prints).

By Jayne K., Oct 14 2019 11:08PM

I had a greeting card done as a sample a couple of weeks ago and am very pleased with the quality of the card and the printing.

A couple of days ago I received a mouse mat and mug. I'd already had a mug printed, with a sepia art piece, this time I had a full colour art piece and matching mouse mat. The mouse mat is really clear and detailed, I'm so pleased with all the sample products I've had so far.

The next samples I will be getting are tote bags, regular shape and a larger one (which is more wide than tall). The company is local to me and a family company which, as you will know if you have read previous posts, is what I prefer.

I'll then have some good quality basic products on which to have my artwork printed: mugs, mouse mats, greeting cards and tote bags.

By Jayne K., Oct 5 2019 08:11PM

I'm not a photographer but I like taking photographs and use some as backgrounds for artwork. I always take my Nikon Coolpix with me whenever I go for a walk. It does a decent enough job but only has a x5 optical zoom.

My new camera, a Canon, will be 20.2 megapixels (the Nikon is 10.10) with a x25 optical zoom.

I am not replacing my beloved Nikon with the Canon, they will be sharing photo taking duties :)

Looking forward to visiting my beautiful local park and my local country park with the new camera, particularly in the spring when the lakes will have ducklings and goslings and I'll be able to zoom in even when they are in the middle of the lake.

The photograph of Aberdare Park lake below was taken September 21st this year with my Nikon.

By Jayne K., Sep 22 2019 05:49PM

Excited to get a sample greeting card from a company I've recently sourced.

So many companies have minimum quantities which, if you are starting out with something (a) you may not have the financial resources and (b) you also want to just have 1 done to sample the quality of the card and the printing.

The other important factors for me personally, aside from quantity and cost, are ethics and also the size of the company as I prefer smaller companies ... and if they are family run companies then even better.

By Jayne K., Sep 6 2019 07:45PM

I'm going to have a sample tote bag done very soon and if I'm pleased with the quality (of the material, the printing, the strength of bag) then I will be adding tote bags to the products pages.

Just need to decide what artwork I'm going to have on the bag ... decisions, decisions.

By Jayne K., Sep 6 2019 04:37PM

I wanted to do something a bit different and fun, and this piece is a bit 'cartoonish'.

As there’s a lot of rugby going on at the moment in the build up to the World Cup, this is a rugby tryout for dragons.

There is a notice stating ‘NO firebreathing on the pitch’ but of course the dragons can’t help themselves and do what comes naturally, hence all the smouldering balls in the corner and the title line “…and that’s how you get burnt balls”.

By Jayne K., Aug 30 2019 02:12PM

I have recently added the first four of a collection called 'Ffion and Fflur'.

Ffion and Fflur are two Welsh fairies who get up to all sorts of mischief using various items they find in the home of the humans whose garden they live in.

The first four artworks feature the pair trying out beauty accessories such as makeup and hairspray (not very successfully!)

Check out Ffion and Fflur here: FFION AND FFLUR

and keep an eye out for future adventures featuring the pair.

By Jayne K., Apr 30 2019 10:13PM

I will have prints for sale soon.

I am slowly having my artworks printed having sourced an ethical and environmentally friendly printing company. The prints are A4 and A5 and are printed on 300gsm 'satin' finish stock. For people unfamiliar with paper stock, 300gsm is very thick, almost card.

Here are a few I have had done. I am, as I write this, expecting a delivery of more prints tomorrow.

I plan on trying a Big Cartel store further down the line to see how that works out. Otherwise, I will take orders via email and Facebook. I'll add a page to the website in due course dedicated to prints I have for sale.

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