BewitchingArt figurehead & logo Fairy cross legged flipped


What does the process entail?


Well quite simply you tell me what you want:


•Male or female figure

•Fantasy figure (mermaid, fairy, vampire) or human figure

•Colours (if you have any preference for hair colour and basic colour scheme of clothes)

•What sort of personality you want your figure to have – sweet and cute, or sassy and edgy.  This would of course decide the pose of the figure as well as the facial expression.

•What sort of background you would like: plain/textured, or photographic.


When I have created the figure I will take a screenshot of it (prior to rendering) so that you can see what it basically looks like.  If you are happy with that I will then go ahead and render the figure and complete the design.  


What is the timescale for each figure?


I cannot give an exact timescale because that depends on a few factors:


(a) how complicated a pose the figure has;


(b) the size of the figure (which depends on what the figure is for), as the bigger the figure pixel size wise, the longer the render time which could be anything up to 12 hours;


(c) how many other commissions for figures I have.


I would of course prioritise if there was a deadline such as if a figure was for someone’s birthday, or for a band who wanted something for a special event.


In any event I will do my best to get your figure/design to you as soon as possible.


How do I make payment?


Payment is currently only via Paypal.


How do I get my figure/design/logo?


I will send you a link to the design as soon as I have confirmation from Paypal that payment has been received.



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