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Promotional Designs

My 3d figures can do just about any pose, and whilst they are difficult to get to be exact copies of an actual person, they can be inspired by that person.  


Below are 2 exclusive designs which I created and which were printed onto tote bags.


‘Pixie Rose’, a fairy weather girl, was inspired by ITV Wales weather girl Ruth Wignall.  Ruth has been gracing our television screens for 20 years.  She also presents ITV Wales weekly programme ‘Coast and Country’ and is an ambassador for Cancer Wales and Ty Hafan (a children’s hospice here in South Wales who do amazing work). Ruth has also presented radio shows on Nation Radio and BBC Radio Wales.


Ruth said of the Pixie Rose design “I really love this!” and of Pixie Rose herself, “She’s so beautiful!!!!!!! You are one very clever lady!!!”.



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Nancy Harry is an internationally published alternative model based in South Wales.  She has appeared on the covers of magazines such as ‘Skin Deep’, a national magazine which sells in large stores such as Tesco.  Nancy likes mermaids and anything Gothic, so it was a no brainer therefore to create a Gothic mermaid inspired by Nancy herself with tattoos and even a septum piercing.  


Nancy told me "I use my bag everywhere".



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I created this figure based on Jay Fierce, a published model based in South Wales.


I changed the original pose (on the left) very slightly by re-positioning Jay's right hand and gave the leopard a snarl to give a more fierce look.  I then placed the figures in a box with the glass breaking to depict Jay breaking out of the box.  


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Behind the scenes (left) and the finished product.

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