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By J. K., Apr 30 2019 10:13PM

I will have prints for sale soon.

I am slowly having my artworks printed having sourced an ethical and environmentally friendly printing company. The prints are A4 and A5 and are printed on 300gsm 'satin' finish stock.

Here are a few I have had done. I am, as I write this, expecting a delivery of more prints tomorrow.

I will try a Big Cartel store to see how that works out. Otherwise, I will take orders via email and Facebook. I'll add a page to the website in due course dedicated to prints I have for sale.

By J. K., Mar 26 2019 07:02PM

I forgot I had this page! ... so busy creating, learning, creating, planning, creating.

I have a lot of artworks that are not shown on the website and I've had some A4 prints done of a few to sample printing stock, etc. I have found a wonderful environmentally friendly print company. The prints I had done are 300gsm stock, 'satin' finish. I'm very pleased with them. I will also be getting some A5 prints done.

I took a couple of quick photos and below you can see two of my witch artworks: 'Groovy Witch' and 'Biker Witch'.

I plan on selling prints at a local(ish) arts and craft fair (that will be later in the year) as well as online probably via a Big Cartel shop.

By J. K., Jul 12 2018 08:20PM

I have been working hard creating more figures/artwork.

I've been out and about taking photos to use as backgrounds, and seem to be veering towards more Gothic inspired works.

Got lots of new pieces, but I've not put them on the website yet for reasons which (hopefully) I will be able to tell you about in the not too distant future.

I have also done my first commissioned piece and logo for a new wellness business here in South Wales, which I will be able to show when the new business has their cards printed.

Also ... the website has passed 1,000 visitors ... yay!

By J. K., Apr 17 2018 05:49PM

Welcome to Jayne K's Bewitching Art website.

As at today's date, April 17th, the site is not 100% complete as I have other figures/designs to add. For example, I have some music figures which demonstrate how the figures can be used for music promotion purposes. So look out for those in the next couple of weeks.

In the meantime I hope you enjoy the vampires, fairies and mermaids, etc. Whether you like the Gothic designs or the bright colourful fairies, there's something for everyone.

C360_2018-07-10-22-35-32-734 Inferno effect C360_2018-07-10-23-08-47-147 Elvis