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The Ffion & Fflur collection features 2 Welsh fairies who get up to all sorts of mischief using

various items they find in the home of the humans whose garden they live in.


More Ffion & Fflur adventures are on the way!

Ffion & Fflur - Can You Turn It Down a Notch on mug CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN A NOTCH - BUY IT FEELS A BIT STIFF - BUY Ffion & Fleur - It Feels a Bit Stiff on mug Ffion & Ffur - Really on mug REALLY?! - BUY Ffion & Fflur - I Think You've Overdone It on mug I THINK YOU'VE OVERDONE IT - BUY

Fflur is not loving Ffion's makeup artistry!

Ffion & Fflur collage + text smaller

•Glossy photo quality finish

•Dishwasher & microwave safe

•UV resistant

•High definition colour

•Height 9cm, diameter 8cm

•Capacity 10oz