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Lisa is a world renowned artist of animals and wildlife with a hint of magic and her artwork is seen on bags, t-shirts, mugs and all sorts of other gift products.  


I love cats and magic and so Lisa Parker’s art is some of my favourite, but she is an inspiration in other ways not just as an artist and for her achievements, she is also a very humble, kind person.


Lisa has 340,000+ fans on Facebook.




Despite being very busy with her artwork, maintaining her website, organising shows and training as a dog nutritionist, Lisa very kindly did a Q&A exclusively for the BewitchingArt website and I hope, like me, you find her answers informative and helpful.


Q& A with Lisa Parker, July 14th, 2019.


Q.   In your bio you say that you “contacted just about everyone” you could think of. In what respect did you contact everyone, was it in relation to licensing your art?

A.   I emailed companies that I found through looking on the back of product boxes and attending trade shows.


Q.   Any advice on approaching companies with your art portfolio?

A.  Always make your work unique, don’t show artwork that’s similar to an artist they already have. You want your own stamp on things .


Q.   Creatives have to get used to rejections, which could either knock someone’s confidence or inspire even greater determination. Did you experience rejections and, if so, how did you deal with them?

A.   All artists get rejections every day. I got a couple last week. It really doesn’t bother me, it’s not personal. It maybe because the genre is already filled, they have similar artists or your style doesn’t suit them. I’ve been doing this for around 20 years, it’s only been successful for around 5 years. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication.


Q.   Any words of wisdom you would like to impart to aspiring creatives?

A.   It’s worth taking a business course because marketing and business skills is a large part of the workload.  Be personable and take rejection on the chin, there’s always next year. I’m working with companies now that have rejected me in the past. One company I laughingly say “ see you again next year!” One day they may work with me. Never burn your bridges by having a hissy fit! And remember it’s not personal! :)  



Take heart and note what Lisa says: she’s been doing this “for around 20 years, it’s only been successful for around 5 years”. As long as what you are doing remains enjoyable then don’t give up on your dreams.


Thank you so much to Lisa Parker for taking the time to answer my questions.

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Some of the products featuring Lisa's artwork

(screenshot from Lisa's website).

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