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Commissions & Licensing



Logos and Figureheads


My figures can be posed with props such as guitars and microphone stands and almost any pose can be created (please see examples at bottom of page).  


If you would like to commission a 3d digital figure for promotional purposes for a band, or a 'figurehead' for a logo (please see my own figure and logo as an example), then please contact me and we can discuss your requirements.



Personalised Figures for Gifts


                                              Maybe you have a daughter or granddaughter who loves fairies or mermaids, or a son who is in a band, and you’d like a

                                              3d figure created for them which could then be printed onto a gift item such as a mousemat, mug, etc.  



                                             You tell me what colours you’d like your figure to have, such as hair colour and clothes, and what sort of personality

                                              (for example, sweet and cute or sassy) and I’ll create a figure that fits your idea.  Whatever idea you have, please

                                              do not hesitate to contact me to discuss your vision and I will do my best to see that vision brought to life.




Please see the Q&A page for more information.





If any company would like to license any of my pieces for use on merchandise (such as bags, t-shirts, mousemats, clocks, etc) then please

contact me either via the Contact page or jayne [at] bewitchingart [dot] co [dot] uk

Band collage smaller Tattooed guitar girl, pink watermarked SMALLER Tattooed Female Guitarist watermarked & smaller Cute Green Fairy- Final Version Blue tail mermaid, relaxing plus logo

Examples of music based figures.

BewitchingArt figurehead & logo

My own logo and figurehead.

The Guitarist for PP&P