BewitchingArt figurehead & logo Fairy cross legged flipped

Charity 'Work'

This is a fairy I created specifically for a children's cancer charity called Rhiley's Smile, for their online Facebook event 'Market Night' held on November 2nd, 2018.


The gold ribbon represents the gold ribbon of childhood cancer awareness and the gold star represents the children.


I had the artwork printed onto a large (29cm x 22cm) photo magnet by Vistaprint.


It's a glossy print and the colours printed out beautifully.  I donated the photo magnet to the charity for them to sell on their Market Night and a lovely lady, Sonya Webb, bought it.

Photo Magnet for Rhiley's Smile cropped png + logo Facebook G4G cushion collage

Via my ‘Guitars 4 Good’ project (so called as I also do music promotion) I do what I call ‘comfort cushions’, which are aimed at providing both the physical comfort a cushion brings as well as some emotional comfort.  The 3 cushions featuring Isabel, Rhiley and Phoebe Flo I did for their respective mothers.  The lovely messages I have received from bereaved mothers are absolutely priceless.