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Art From The Heart

There are stories behind some of my designs.


'Perception of Love' and 'You're My Mirror' feature the same two figures.


Perception of Love

Relationships are perceived in different ways, sometimes even by the two people involved in the relationship.  For example: where one sees advice, the other sees controlling; where one sees a joke, the other sees a criticism; where one sees composure, the other sees indifference.


In ‘Perception of Love’ the male figure has his arms around the female figure, but some people may think he is being protective while some may perceive it as possessiveness.


You're My Mirror

Quite simply, the closeness of the two figures and how they reflect each other in many ways.








You’re Safe Now

When I was 18 years old my great grandmother died. Shortly afterwards I had a dream.  It was so vivid that I have never forgotten it.  Quite simply, my great gran was ascending stairs (but not walking, floating) towards an area of white light at the top of the stairs. The light was so intense and so bright that no descriptive word is enough to depict it. My great gran was looking at me and smiling. I told my mother and grandmother the next day as I felt my great gran was sending us a message to say that she was okay and was happy.



I started creating a digital art piece depicting my dream with a staircase and brilliant white light at the top, and a figure on the stairway facing the light.  However after 2 children, both of whom featured on my childhood cancer awareness website, died within 2 weeks of each other, I turned the figure around so that she was facing down the stairway and, although I am not religious, I gave her angel wings because angels are figures of comfort.  She is smiling and has her arms outstretched in a welcoming way.  Her smile and demeanor are saying to those approaching her “You’re safe now”.  


You're Safe Now Art from the Heart Falling & Rising collage smaller

I created these two pieces from personal experience to depict the sinking feeling of depression and loneliness, followed by the fight back.


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