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About Me



I'm Jayne, a digital artist, music promoter and childhood cancer awareness advocate.


I have always been creative, since a child, and as an adult enjoyed doing charcoal portraits but, due to pain/finger numbness caused by my osteoarthritis, holding the charcoal sticks for any length of time has become more and more uncomfortable.


When digital art came into my life it meant that I could still be creative but without the physical discomfort, as the only physical tool I need to use is my computer mouse.  The most significant tool needed of course is imagination and with fantasy figures your imagination can definitely run wild.  


I have always also loved fantasy/escapism/the supernatural and that love shows in my figures which feature fairies, mermaids, vampires.   My other love, music (I learned to read and write music, and play the piano, at age 6), also plays a part in my art and there are often guitars, a piano and musical notes included in my art pieces.


I’ve already had great reactions to my designs. For example, I had some printed onto tote bags which, when I took them to lunch to show a friend, generated a lot of interest from other clientele at the eatery we were in, who interrupted us to ask about my art and whether I had a website, etc.   So that was encouraging and pleasing.  


I absolutely love creating my figures, with their bold colours and sassy yet elegant poses, and get great joy from seeing the finished piece, and I hope that others will enjoy looking at my work too.


Apart from doing my art, I run one of the largest independent music showcase websites in Wales, and possibly the UK (Paradiddles Plectrums and Posers).  It is approaching 300,000 visits and if you search 'unsigned guitar bands' on Google, PP&P comes out top of the results out of 2+m ... so not too shabby for an independently run website with no sponsors or adverts. PP&P is a labour of love and I make no money from it, in fact I am out of pocket running it.  I've also worked as a radio plugger/music promoter and had artists played on BBC Radio and national daytime UK television to an audience of around 1.6 million.


I am an advocate for childhood cancer awareness and have a website, Guitars 4 Good, in the name of which, apart from sharing children's stories and fundraising links, etc, I design personalised cushions for young children with cancer and bereaved mothers.  I thought of doing cushions after seeing a photograph of two little sisters (both of whom had cancer) who had not seen each other for three weeks while one was in hospital.  Cushions are something you can cuddle (or as we in Wales say ‘cwtch’) and so can be cuddled in the absence of the loved one whose photo is on the cushion.  I call them ‘comfort cushions’ as they offer both the physical comfort a cushion gives as well as emotional comfort.


I also love writing and one of my ambitions is to have a book published (the old fashioned way via a publisher).  I have the bones of a book written, a memoir of several years of my life which reads like the script of a soap opera!  


My other loves are animals (I have rescued many cats and dogs over the past 20+ years, re-homing some and keeping others myself), the sea (I would one day love to leave near the sea) and nature (I always appreciate the beauty that surrounds us where I live as we are surrounded by mountains and a lot of greenery).  Some backgrounds - such as 'Gothic Elegance' and 'Midnight Blue' - feature photographs I have taken in my locale.


Remember, you are never too old to learn new skills and try something new, and certainly never too old to dream.


About My Art

I’ve always loved sketching faces, as a child I used to sketch portraits of my favourite singers such as Debbie Harry and Kate Bush, and facial portraits have remained my favourite topic art wise.


The one thing I portray with all my characters is elegance, and with a lot of poses I reference dance/ballet movements.    


With my vampire figures, I don’t portray them as monsters, I depict them with their humanity still showing through, ‘Vampire Tears’ being one of my favourites.  Check out new figure ‘Samara’ too, on Portfolio Pg. 2.


As for my fairies, well I have noticed that mine are not like other people’s in that mine are always up to something.  You dare not leave your handbag, or makeup, or even your guitar, hanging around or they will be visited by little beings who like to mess around with human possessions.




My artwork

Some of my charcoal artwork.

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