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I'm a music promoter with one of the largest independent music showcase websites in Wales (Paradiddles Plectrums and Posers), and I also have a childhood cancer awareness project (Guitars 4 Good) which I am passionate about, in the name of which I design personalised cushions for young children with cancer and bereaved mothers.  I love writing and one of my ambitions is to have a book published the old fashioned way ... via a publisher.  I have the bones of a book written, a memoir of several years of my life during which I suffered unbearable grief, also discovered my dad had 3 sisters he never knew he had, plus many more goings on which you normally only read about in magazines!


I have always been creative, since a child, and as an adult enjoy doing charcoal portraits but, due to pain/finger numbness caused by my osteoarthritis, holding the charcoal sticks for any length of time has become more and more uncomfortable.  I therefore taught myself how to create 3d figures which I then incorporate into designs using either digitally created textured backgrounds or photographs I have taken in and around my locale – you cannot beat nature for providing the most wonderful colours and textures.


I have always also loved the supernatural and my absolute favourite programmes over time have been Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Angel and Charmed.   My love of the supernatural shows in my figures which feature fairies, mermaids, vampires.   My other love, music (I learned to read and write music, and play the piano, at age 6), also plays a part and there are often guitars included in my work, and even a grand piano in some.


With fantasy figures your imagination can run wild.  I put a lot of thought into making sure they have the right facial expressions, makeup, clothes and poses.  I have 'traditional' fantasy figures as well as Gothic/tattooed mermaids, Medieval figures, and many other colourful characters.


I’ve already had great reactions to my designs.  I had some printed onto tote bags which, when I took them to lunch a couple of months ago to show a friend, generated a lot of interest from other clientele at the eatery we were in, who asked about my art and whether I had a website, etc.   So that was encouraging and pleasing.  


I have also recently done my first commissioned figure and logo for a new wellness/health company here in Wales, which again has received great feedback from everyone who has seen it.


I absolutely love creating my figures and get great joy from seeing the finished piece and, whilst I create my figures for myself first and foremost, I hope that others will enjoy looking at my work too.



My artwork

Some of my charcoal artwork.

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